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Did You Know About These Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast?

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Did You Know About These Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast?


1. You Deprive Your Body of Essential Nutrients

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Breakfast is also a great time to get much-needed nutrients into your diet, including fiber and vitamins that get you through the day. So, skipping breakfast may cause you to not consume adequate amounts of them, contributing to long-term health effects as a result. Find what works best for you. If you aren’t hungry right away in the morning, wait an hour or two before munching on something for breakfast. This includes fiber, which will help to keep you full throughout the day.

2. You Wreak Havoc With Your Blood Sugar Levels


Not consuming breakfast can affect your blood sugar levels and affect your mood. This is a correlation to the drop in blood sugars. Your energy levels will decrease as well as your cognitive function.


3. Your Metabolism Wakes Up

Man eating high fiber breakfast cereal

It’s been said that you’ll burn more calories by eating breakfast and there is some truth to that.

4. You Get a Yen for Unhealthy Cravings

Woman craving junk food while on a diet

No breakfast means no energy for your body and no nutrients going to your brain since dinner the night before—which could be in the neighborhood of 12 to 14 hours before.  Even if it’s just a quick bowl of oatmeal, a berry smoothie, or a hard-boiled egg, eating breakfast is also a good way to front-load your day with nutrients and keep blood sugar levels stable.

5. Your Levels of Acidity Increase

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Not eating breakfast can cause increased bouts of acidity. The body is mechanized to release acid in the stomach for digestion when the body feels hungry and needs fuel.

6. Your Brain Could Sharpen

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Intermittent fasting can actually make you sharper and healthier, according to many doctors and researchers. Skipping breakfast can lead to a leaner, healthier, sharper, and longer-living you. If you don’t eat after 7 p.m. and don’t eat again until 8 or 9 a.m., you can be employing your body’s state of ketosis.

7. Your Productivity Goes Up

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Some say that skipping breakfast can make you more compliant when it comes to adhering to their nutrition plans. For those who aren’t hungry upon waking, eating breakfast can feel forced and uncomfortable.

8. Your Aging Process is Reversed

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A benefit that happens to your body when you skip breakfast? It helps with anti-aging. Specifically, improving the natural process called autophagy, which is the ‘removal of cellular junk’ from your body, is a form of detoxification. An easy way to think about it is to consider it ‘house cleaning’ for the body.

9. Your Cortisol Rises

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The brain needs glucose to survive through the night and sometimes there isn’t enough stored glycogen in the liver to maintain adequate blood glucose levels. This problem is solved by increasing cortisol levels.

10. Your Immunity Goes Down

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When you skip breakfast, your immunity goes down.


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