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Make Your Home Workspace More Ergonomic


1. Align your body

When sitting up straight, relax your shoulders and keep your elbows at level with the keyboard. Raise the chair if needed to achieve this, but then add a footrest if needed to support the feet. The top of the monitor should be about level with eyebrows unless using bifocals. If you have bifocals and view the screen from the bottom of the lenses, when using a laptop, consider adding a riser to raise the laptop screen to eyebrow level, and add an external full-sized keyboard and mouse.

2. Pay attention to your arms

When you’re typing on your keyboard your arms should be at your sides and elbows bent to 90 degrees. If your chair has armrests consider adjusting them to allow for relaxed shoulders, and only use the armrests and wrist rests when you are taking a break.


3. Support your lower back

A good way to support your back is to make sure your buttocks is pressed firmly against the back of your chair. Consider using a small cushion or rolling up a towel and keeping it pressed against your lower back.

4. Take vision breaks

Staring at a screen for hours isn’t good no matter where you work, but since there are no water cooler breaks at home, consider making it a point every 15 to 20 minutes to focus on a distant object in the room for a few seconds before bringing your gaze back to the monitor.


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