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Questions Experts Have About The COVID-19 Vaccine


Does the vaccine authorization mean an end to double-blind vaccine trials?

The Pfizer vaccine trial has over 37,000 participants, the majority of which are in the United States. Over 18,000 received a vaccine and a similar number of people were given a placebo.

Although enough data has been collected for EUA, many experts believe that the trials will still go on, particularly with these original participants.

This allows for long-term monitoring of side effects of the vaccine beyond the initial monitoring period used for FDA approval.

How long will the vaccine be effective?

With the speed at which this vaccine was approved, from enrollment to acceptance, there’s no clear information on how long this vaccine is going to be effective.

The virus was only just discovered at the end of 2019.

Based on Moderna’s and Pfizer’s clinical trials, which both started at the end of July, experts have been able to show that the vaccines have long-lasting protection, but the actual length of time is still unknown.

However, with the data that’s available, research shows continued protection since the start of the trial, and further monitoring of trial participants in the months and years to come will allow for understanding of long-term immunity.

How effective will this vaccine be in the general population?

Although there’s a strong protection against COVID-19 after receiving the vaccination, there’s still a chance that one could get the virus after being vaccinated.

The vaccine takes time to provide protection, and no vaccine is perfect.

The Pfizer vaccine is said to be 95 percent effective, according to evidence released by regulators. The Moderna vaccine appears to be about 94 percent effective.

But even after getting these vaccines, it may take several weeks for the body to start building immunity after the vaccination. This means that someone could get sick with the virus just before or even just after getting the vaccination.

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