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The Earlier The Better: When To Take Prenatal Vitamins


Start taking them when you start to try for a pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins play an important role in preconception. When you and your partner decide to start trying for a pregnancy it’s a good idea to start taking them right away. Scheduling a visit with your gynecologist, stopping birth control, stopping unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, and taking prenatal vitamins are all part of planning for pregnancy. Since you won’t know how long it will take to get pregnant starting vitamins can help to ensure you are ready to go.

Begin as soon as you find out you are pregnant

You may not have started taking prenatal vitamins and recently became pregnant, whether planned or not. That is ok, talk to your OB-GYN about what they recommend and begin taking them right away. Each day of taking prenatal vitamins in the first trimester counts.

Why take prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant?

Pregnancy is a lot on your body, there are many changes that occur and can drain your body of natural resources. This process causes a lot of the nausea, exhaustion, aches, cramps, mood changes and so on.

Since you baby gets his/her nutrients directly from mom, it’s very easy for you to become deficient in important minerals and vitamins. By taking prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant you are taking the extra step of ensuring that you are well stocked up on the essential vitamins and minerals¬†both you and your baby will benefit.

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