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5 Of The Best Exercise Videos For Kids On YouTube


“This workout is simple and has cardio, strength and stretching!” —Monica Flores, barre expert and founder of Endurance Barre in Dallas, Texas.

“I incorporated fun music that both kids and parents will enjoy and I made the movements fun by adding dance in to the workout because I think we all enjoy exercise a lot more when we’re having fun!” —Amanda Tanigawa, dance teacher and barre instructor in Kapaa, Hawaii.

“Stretching is so important for our bodies, and the majority of us aren’t stretching properly or aren’t incorporating enough of it into our days. This video is from Dansique Fitness and it is great for stretching since it is geared towards all different levels of flexibility!” —Amanda Tanigawa

“This 30-minute Cardio Latin Dance workout is perfect for parents and kids alike because it’s like a fun dance party! It gives parents the chance to work on their basic salsa steps, while at the same time it gives the kids a chance to jump around and feel free! Parents and children can have their own little Latin Dance party while they are working up a sweat. They will forget they’re even working out in the first place!” —Nicole Steen, fitness expert and Zumba instructor in Los Angeles.

“This cardio Walk Workout with Nick is so much fun! It gives the whole family an opportunity to get those steps in while doing fun moves laughing, sweating, and just having a good time. Whoever thought walking a mile could be so fun? This workout is for your grandma, grandpa, and even that little toddler who just learned how to walk. This is a perfect workout for the entire family!” —Nicole Steen

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