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4 ways To Get Over Zoom Anxiety


Identify the source of your anxiety

Studies have shown that many people working from home experience anxiety while using Zoom to communicate with their peers.

Unlike in-person traditional meetings, online meetings can present different types of problems, such as:

  • tech issues
  • difficulty interpreting other people’s gestures or tone of voice
  • unexpected or back-to-back calls that interfere with your workflow
  • trouble communicating ideas clearly or making yourself heard
  • the possibility of a pet, child, or partner bursting into the room unannounced

Stay present…

Long meetings typically aren’t the most riveting part of the workday, and working from home can create even more opportunities for distraction. When your mind drifts, being surrounded by your stuff can make it even tougher to recapture a wandering train of thought.

Long meetings on Zoom present opportunities for distractions. When you are at home, a local coffee shop, or wherever you decide to use Zoom, you inevitably will have distractions unlike traditional meetings in the workplace.

Mindfulness can help ease this anxiety in two key ways:

  • Focusing on your Zoom call keeps your mind occupied and prevents your worries from taking over.
  • Staying fully engaged in the meeting or lesson means you’ll know exactly what’s going on, so you won’t feel lost or have to scramble for an answer when someone asks what you think.

Change up your communication

Too much Zoom can lead to burn-out of video meetings, however there are other ways you an communicate with your co-workers. Try to change it up, Zoom is not the only means of communication, there are other productive ways to get the same results.


  • letting your supervisor know that frequent Zoom meetings make it difficult to maintain a steady workflow
  • suggesting alternate ways of staying in touch and sharing ideas, such as a dedicated group chat or a shared live document

Dress the part

While it’s funny when you see people getting caught dressed in a suit top but no pants, it’s not really a good look nor a good mindset. Try to get dressed as a typical work day, this will help you get in the correct mind-space to get things done.

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